As a frequent visitor to Newark, I cannot say how much I sympathise with all the traders and shopkeepers who daily struggle with Severn Trent’s thoroughly disruptive decision to close off large areas of the town all at once.

I also feel for the residents, delivery drivers, and other road users who have to deal with the fallout caused by often apparently unnecessary closure of roads throughout the place.

I do not intend to allow this appalling mess to influence my determination to continue coming to Newark and giving local shops and businesses my custom, and I hope that many others feel the same.

The town would die without its traders and businesses, and I mean to support them as much as is possible for one person.

I would far rather shop in Newark, with its multitude of interesting diversions and reasonable parking charges, than be charged an arm and a leg to wander round the huge, impersonal stores of Lincoln.

I am less than impressed with Severn Trent’s lame, self-congratulatory efforts at pretending that it is trying to help the situation.

Talk about a drop in the ocean.

May I suggest that, as a riposte, the council erects a large reproduction of the town coat of arms at the point where Castlegate turns left into Lombard Street, substituting the current motto — Deo Fretus Erumpe,  Trust in God And Sally Forth — with a more relevant one?

How about a paraphrase of the Royal Air Force motto — per ardua ad Asda? — Jonathan Jeffreys, Lincoln Road, Bassingham.