I couldn't agree more with correspondent D. A. Underwood (No Action On Driving Madness, News Views, March 29).

My wife recently witnessed a speeding motorist using Cartergate as a short-cut. She later saw a PCSO and what she believed to be an actual police officer and expressed her concerns to them. 

Their response was that they couldn’t police Cartergate at all  times and that it was really a matter for the Highways Agency to deal with. 

One wonders what will prompt a response from the police — someone being seriously injured or killed?

I note with interest that my council tax bill shows a huge charge for the police, up this year by 6.5%. Would it be indelicate to enquire as to where all this money is going?

Certainly not to Newark.

I do understand though that the Police and Crime Commissioner, Paddy Tipp-ing, feels that the City of Nottingham needs a new custody suite.

In fairness to rural rate payers it is perhaps time to consider a county and city police force again because it is quite clear that the quality of policing in rural areas leaves an awful lot to be desired. — Stephen Matthews, Newark (Full address supplied).