In reply to Mrs Speckley’s letter, Wrong Site For Development (News Views, June 7) I was dubious about the planned development by the Farndon island, but having attended the exhibition, my mind was put to rest.

Steve Hampson assured my wife and I that it would take at least two years to finish, once planning was given, by which time the link-road from the A46 to the A1 would be completed, relieving a vast amount of traffic from the A46 around Newark.

With regards to flooding, we have lived in the village for 34 years and cannot recall this plot of land under water and, as Mr Hampson says, there will be a lake on the development with sufficient drainage, etc.

The exhibition was far from a joke (Mrs Speckleys words) but most positive and informative.

Newark is in desperate need of a new hotel and this, I am sure, would be a wonderful location without disrupting our beautiful village.

Just touching on Parish Unites To Fight Hotel Plan (Advertiser, June 7) in which Mr Mick Baker, parish council chairman, states that 99.5% or more of the village are against this new development.

I am not sure where he has got this figure from. I suspect it was plucked from thin air because I haven’t been asked my views, nor have a couple of my neighbours.

If we are not careful we will lose this wonderful opportunity.

We must look forward and move with the times. — Paul Dachtler, Fosse Road, Farndon.