In the article Last Bank Branch To Close (Southwell Advertiser, June 14) the chairman of Southwell Town Council, Mr David Martin, is quoted as asking: “ we really need banks?”

Well, David, yes we do.

ATMs and the Post Office are fine for simple transactions, but any complexity requires a branch.

Barclays are quoted claiming ‘47% of our customers now regularly use alternative branches.’ Does that not mean 53% don’t?

It is only a few weeks ago that staff at the branch tried to persuade me to move more accounts to them.

They assured me that while they had not picked up as many customers from the NatWest closure as expected, they were still very busy, a fact I could observe from the regular queues.

They said their branch was very economical to run compared with the two now closed rival bank branches, and as the last bank in town, closure was most unlikely.

I understand that under an agreement with the government, the last branch closure in a town should be consulted on.

This is not helped by David Martin’s statement.

I think the banks should stop hiding behind transaction numbers.

It is all about the low profitability of handling cash, and the cost of sorting out customers’ problems. — M. Smith, Kirklington Road, Southwell.