I fully understand the benefits and pleasure that cycling offers, but the rest of us are having to pay a heavy price, particularly in the better weather when the roads are overrun.

It is fair to assume that many cyclists are drivers as well but as soon as they put on the lycra they seem to think the Highway Code no longer applies.

They give no consideration to other road users by keeping to the side of the road, making it easier to overtake. They often do not use cycle lanes, even when available, and, if there are parked vehicles on their side of the road, they do not give way to oncoming traffic.

We are lucky enough to live in a peaceful village, but this all changes on sunny weekends when groups of cyclists pass through who feel the need to shout to one another, often swearing and using abusive language, which I don’t particularly want my grandchildren to hear when they are playing outside.

Finally, and what has prompted this letter is an incident one Saturday morning, at around 10am, between Fiskerton and Rolleston.

My wife, who was driving to Averham, was confronted, along with other road users, by around ten to 15 male cyclists urinating on the side of the road.

They had made no attempt to go behind a hedge or conceal themselves.

I am sure it is a minority spoiling it for the majority but it would be interesting to hear what the thoughts of other Advertiser readers are. — D. Yates, Thurgarton (Full address supplied).