So the saga of the Robin Hood Hotel, Newark, goes on (Hotel Plans Submitted, Advertiser, June 14).

If only Newark and Sherwood District Council had a backbone then this long-running debacle could have been sorted a long time ago.

When it became obvious that the developers, MF Strawson, were not intending to honour their commitment to refurbish the building and complete the works as agreed, our council should have reminded them of their obligations and deadlines, and instructed them that if they did complete the project in the allocated time, they would be in breach of contract.

If that threat still did not get the developers to fulfil their obligations, the council should have served their company with the relevant papers.

But no. Our council has continually let the debacle go on and on, wasting council tax payers’ money as applications come and go.

No doubt MF Strawson tendered for the project and were granted it ahead of other companies, whose quotes were probably higher.

I just hope that when any future jobs come up for grabs, the council remembers this sorry saga. — S. COBB, Balderton (Full address supplied)