As a long-standing Newark trader I think I am qualifed to have a say on town centre issues.

Since the start of the road closures I have regularly spoken with town and county councillors and given my thoughts as to how they may help us during a very hard trading time.

One of my gripes has been the rather harsh road reports from various radio stations.

I mentioned to local councillors that when Castlegate re-opened it would be a good idea to make sure all radio stations that refer to Newark were made aware.

Castlegate re-opened on Fri-day, June 15. The next day, at 8.15am, Lincs FM was reporting Castlegate was still only open in one direction.

I picked up the phone and had a nice chat with the presenter, who told me they had not been informed. He then rectified the problem on-air.

All councillors are pro-active and nice when they want your votes. It is high time they did something pro-active now to help the town. — ANDREW HIND, Sibleys butchers, Newark.