I fully endorse the sentiments of Dr Pacey and S. Cobb (News Views, 21 June).

As a Newarker born and bred, and having lived through the second world war, I have seen several local authorities come and go, some good, others not so.

The present district council falls into the latter camp.

Why did the council apply for Growth Point status? Newark does not need more houses. Every 1,000 new houses means roughly 1,500 more cars on our congested streets.

From the inappropriate metal bridge on the Civil War Queen’s Sconce to the ghastly Asda development, with its consequent traffic problems, Newark and Sherwood District Council displays a total lack of common sense and taste.

The latest folly is, of course, Castle House.

Having sold Kelham Hall for £4m, the council has vastly overspent its budget on its new egotistic headquarters, reducing car and lorry parking spaces, and leaving ratepayers to foot the bill.

Apart from a few councillors who work with integrity and diligence for their wards, my conclusion is that the council is not fit for purpose. — J. Dexter, Newark (Full address supplied).