I did not know whether to laugh or cry when I read the article More Potholes Being Repaired (Advertiser, June 21).

More holes being filled between the new year and the end of March than the first nine months of last year is not much of a story to brag about.

How many did they fill in last year? Probably not many, so it is easy to make that claim.

Councils at all levels are either pleading poverty or applauding themselves for actually doing something.

Filling potholes is really a case of bodging — crisis management. Fill a few holes here, move miles away and fill a few more, and so on.

Hole filling is not the answer. What should take place is planned maintenance where, initially, main roads are constantly repaired or resurfaced.

At the end of last year, on a road from Elston, the road edges were spasmodically resurfaced, but gaps were left that were as bad as those repaired.

The right-hand edge of the road had subsided substantially. The workers did not repair it but put cones around the affected area.

This situation continued for many weeks and eventually I contacted Nottinghamshire County Council to report the matter.

A few days later a vehicle had been and cleared away all the cones and has never been seen since.

£25m they ‘brag’ they have to spend, but are they spending it wisely? I say no.

What gets me with all the complaining of lack of financial resources is the fact that it is not true.

They already have the staffing, and the equipment. The only thing they haven’t got is materials, but I bet that when doing financial planning all these costs were budgeted for.

It is £25m extracted from a public that is struggling to continue surviving with continual increases in everything essential.

I could probably write a book on obvious inefficiencies in the public sector that has no regard for the ordinary citizen. — Brian Clark, Hayside Avenue, Balderton.