Councillor Kay Cutts, leader of Nottinghamshire County Council while appearing to offer strong support for the Armed Forces in her As I See It article (Advertiser, June 28) is clearly failing in her role as leader of the council.

Not only did she not mention the hugely successful Newark Armed Forces Day (AFD) event, but she also does not mention similar, if smaller, AFD activities in Retford and Mansfield.

The AFD ceremony at County Hall does not seem to include representatives of the veterans’ organisations from around the county, and councillor Cutts makes no mention of this being the 100th anniversary year of the formation of the Royal Air Force.

The council may theoretically be a "proud supporter of the Armed Forces in Nottinghamshire" but they (or their leader) seem to be almost entirely focused on the city and its suburbs — a city that has failed to hold an AFD parade for two years.

I do not wish to decry the county council-sponsored activities, but am hugely disappointed that a county council leader can apparently ignore the vast majority of the area for which she is responsible, and particularly the excellent and very well attended/supported Newark AFD. — WING COMMANDER Nigel Branston, chairman, Balderton Branch, Royal Air Forces Association.