In response to the story Proposed Changes To Podiatry Raise Hospital Concerns (Advertiser July 5) let’s be clear about this proposal.

The report states that Newark patients requiring podiatry treatment that would require local anaesthetic will be required to travel to Carlton, some miles away, when their procedure can be carried out at Newark Hospital.

In the same breath, patients of other areas such as Lincoln can be treated with a local anaesthetic at Newark Hospital.

Surely, this is completely wrong. Whatever happened to the mantra "patients should and must be treated nearer to their home."

We, the campaigners, have been asking for "What can be done at Newark should be done at Newark." It just does not make sense that patients from other areas may come to Newark Hospital for exactly the same treatment, when Newark patients are being directed out of the area.

Are the people making these decisions still not aware of the inconvenience that this would cause, especially if the patients in question need to use public transport? The fact that Carlton may not be an easy place to access and Newark Hospital is on the doorstep does not seem to have been considered.

I strongly urge the users of Newark Hospital to check that the treatment they require takes place at Newark and, if so, they must insist that their treatment is carried out there. It should be their choice where to go, without question. — Doreen Langford, Newark (Full address supplied).