I totally agree with Dr Pacey’s comments (Baffled By Planning Decisions, News Views, June 21) on the subject of building and road planning.

The attitude of Newark and Sherwood seems to be "build at any cost and don’t worry about existing residents and their environment."

It also goes further than just road infrastructure, as I cannot imagine how our local hospital will cope with the extra influx of residents, and the policy of sending patients further afield, instead of enlarging our own facilities is plain ludicrous, but that’s another story.

Newark is an ancient town and needs to be treated with respect, not used as an opportunity to enlarge council tax without any thought at all for traffic flow.

I live in Fernwood, where at least 4,000 more houses are scheduled to be built and lots more businesses will be moving into the business park across the road.

At the moment the only way into Newark from Fernwood and Claypole is over the A1 bridge, but any incident on the A1 brings all traffic to gridlock. What will this be like after these new-builds are built? —James Weale, Fernwood (Full address supllied).