Anyone familiar with the area of Balderton where I live will know that there is a play area on Mead Way.

I have had reason to complain in the past regarding the lack of grass-cutting and other matters connected with the same.

I have recently had discussions (email) with Newark and Sherwood District Council.

Their representative advises me that the actual play area is covered by their teams, but any others in the area will be covered by either the parish or county council.

There are some tiny bits, plus the link path to Wilfred Avenue (across the back of the cemetery)

Now is not this a waste of time, effort, resources?

Roads and footpaths, and all areas requiring maintenance, should be under the control of one, yes just one, grass-cutting team.

Our council tax is going through the roof and it is because there is no coherent organisation in place to organise the most economical way to deal with any issues, whether planned or otherwise — to actively save money with a sensible plan of action.

Many people disliked Margaret Thatcher, but towards the end of her reign she wanted to create a situation where money was used more sensibly, ie, no individual budgets for this or that, which meant that if one department hadn’t spent all it’s money it could not be saved until the following year, but be transferred to another department that was short.

But this got a ‘no’ because it ruffled the feathers of those who had built their own little empires.

It is high time the whole of local Government was re-organised in the way of a successful private business.

Waste — they don’t seem to know the meaning of the word, unless we mean dustbin collections. — Brian Clark, Hayside Avenue, Balderton.