To members of the EU Commission: It is apparent that a free-trade deal suitable to the UK is not being offered by you prior to us leaving the Union.

We have, therefore, decided to leave and trade under the World Trade Organisation rules.

This is in common with the US, China, India, and many other countries with whom you do business.

There may be a few bumps intially but we can look forward to a glorious and highly- successful future free of the restrictions of the EU.

We shall, of course, have no obligation to provide you with the 39bn euros that was deliverable in the event of a trade deal.

All future efforts by the UK government will be concentrated on this course of action.

No further efforts will be made to obtain a deal due to the EU closing all doors to a sensible solution.

If, prior to our leaving date, you approach us with a deal based on common sense and to the benefit of both parties, then we would consider it carefully.

Any further action is therefore down to you. — RON MOORE, Woodlands, Winthorpe.