My wife and I live in Halle, in the former East Germany and near the birthplace of Handel and Martin Luther. Some years ago while on a trip to Norway we made friends with Janet and Bob, who have lived in Newark for many years.

We had learnt from them much about Newark and the surrounding areas and, although we have travelled quite widely in your country, we had never been to your area.

We were very happy to be able to visit in June this year, and we were thrilled to see so many historic places in Newark, Southwell and Lincoln.

The greatest pleasure was, however, the opportunity to meet and talk to so many local people and we will always remember their kindness and wonderful humour.

I particularly enjoyed having the rules of cricket explained to me by gentleman in whites who said he did not really understand the game either.

A highlight was our visit to Newark Town Hall and Museum. 

The museum, although not large, was very well laid out and full of interesting items.

Our guide made it come to life with her incredible knowledge of national and regional history, art and culture, and added even more to our understanding and enjoyment of this wonderful facility.

In the Town Hall we were thrilled to meet the mayor, Mr  Tony Roberts, who insisted on welcoming us personally and was most kind and helpful.

We are now back in Halle and will certainly be telling local people about your beautiful town and area and all which can be seen and enjoyed — including the locally-brewed beers.

We will definitely be returning to enjoy Newark again, adding to the many happy memories we already have.

I hope you can pass on our thanks and appreciation to everyone who made our visit so enjoyable. — Bernd and Sylvia Kupperbusch, Halle, Germany.