There is total common sense in reducing the number of local authorities delivering services to the public in Nottinghamshire, with the associated duplication, confusion, bureaucracy, and cost.

This subject has been looked at and analysed in great depth in the past, with potential for huge cost savings identified.

It is my understanding that the decision not to proceed at the time was driven by political considerations and not by the certainty of saving large sums of money. Circumstances today are different.

This opportunity for cost savings was raised as a reason for Newark and Sherwood District Council not to proceed with, or at least to delay, construction of its new offices.

A start would be for the person or persons responsible for making the decision to press on with the new offices to explain how this was arrived at, in the knowledge there was a strong possibility the offices could relatively quickly be redundant.

There also seems to be silence over the final all-in cost of the offices, the actual savings, and if the original financial justification for the project was valid. Perhaps this could also be included in the response? — R. J. Hart, Newark (Full address supplied).