You report that the county council has voted to examine the business case for it taking over the functions of the district councils thus making those authorities redundant (Councillors Divided Over Unitary Plan, Advertiser, July 19).

Nottingham City Council is also reported to be ready to pick up certain districts, much as vultures gather around a carcass in the hope of feeding off scraps.

It is a firm rule of management never to ask a question to which one does not already know the answer (which is where David Cameron came unstuck) so no prize for predicting that the conclusion of the business case will turn out to be in favour.

On an issue as fundamental as local government, only a fool or a rascal would approach this sort of question without an early, firm and honest commitment to properly consult the district councils and the electorate on the final outcome.

I am aware that the result of the EU referendum has led to controversy, but there is really no substitute for a similar referendum in this case, along with a comprehensive campaign of informing people in understandable terms.

The whole exercise of study, informing and voting could turn out to be very expensive, sufficient to make one wonder if it is really worthwhile.

After all — if you don’t know the answer, don’t ask the question. — Bill Davidson, Queen Street, Balderton.