The comments of D. Hinchley (Getting Worse, News Views, July 19) seemed very apt when taking into account the news item in the same edition of county councillors discussing the proposal for a unitary authority for Nottinghamshire.

Surely this is too important a matter to be left in the hands of our elected councillors and paid officials?

Do we not need the views of the electorate, having been given the pros and cons of the proposed changes to our local public services?

Having worked in local government and the civil service I have noted a decline in the number of people who vote at central and local elections.

In addition, and for far too many years, we have been governed at both levels by a system that has not been reformed for the 21st Century and still lingers in the early 19th Century when it comes to procedure, consultation and bureaucratic legislation.

Over-regulation has diminished essential public services, best run at local level, including transport, education, health and care, and policing.

Mr Hinchley is quite correct. This country is in a mess and democracy is in sharp decline.

We need better local government, whatever system may evolve, and less interference by central government.

One solution I advocate is regional government (ie: Derbyshire, Lincolnshire, Leicestershire, Northampton-shire and Nottinghamshire) which would look at all matters involving the region, such as transport, land use and road and rail infrastructure, while local government within the region would look after essential public services within their area.

Thus governance would return to local bodies and local people rather than imposed by a dysfunctional central government system that is out-dated and does not necessarily reflect the views of different regions.

One further reform I would like to see is that no person should represent two or more levels of local government to prevent conflicts of interest.

I look forward to reading the views of others. — ALAN M. WADDINGTON, Old North Road, Carlton-on-Trent.