25th June 2010     
Newark and Sherwood District Council
Planning Applications
Newark and Sherwood District Council
Local authorities member's allowances
Year ending 2009-2010
Nottinghamshire County Council
Temporary 30 MPH speed limit and revocation of 50 MPH
A6097 Lowdham Road, Lowdham
Nottinghamshire County Council
Temporary 10 MPH and 40 MPH speed limits
B6387 Retford Road, Boughton and Walesby
Newark and Sherwood District Council
Civil Enforcement off street parking places
Nottinghamshire County Council
Temporary traffic regulations
Various roads: Radcliffe-on-Trent, Newton, Lowdham, Gonalston, Southwell and Epperstone
Newark and Sherwood District Council
Audit of accounts
Year ending 31 March 2010
Larken & Co
Charles Alan Lawrence (Deceased)
Rushcliffe Borough Council
Dispose of land
Land situated between Grantham Road, Mallard Close and Swallow Drive, Bingham
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