More than nine in ten parents in Nottinghamshire have secured their first choice primary school for their children.

Nottinghamshire County Council contacted 8,881 parents on Tuesday to tell them which school their child will be attending in September - with a total of 92.2% achieving their first preference.

This year has shown a decrease in the number of applicants received before the closing date but an increase in the number of parents who have got a place at one of their preferred schools.

A total of 98.2% of pupils got one of their preferred choices.

Marion Clay, the council's acting service director for education standards, said: "I am happy every child in Nottinghamshire, whose parents applied before the deadline, will have a primary school place in September 2017."

While there is still over-subscription and waiting lists for certain schools, the council said it was already making plans about how to cope.

Mrs Clay said: "As an authority we are not complacent as we are aware of the pressure within the system and the increasing numbers of children coming through."

The council has plans to have approximately 400 additional permanent primary school places which are due to be ready for this September.

These places will be for primary school ages, including 60 for reception-aged children.

Mrs Clay also assured that while popular schools will always be over subscribed, there would still be places for children that were late applicants in September.

Parents have the right to appeal about their child's school place and all appeals are independent.