Robert Hall-Palmer
Robert Hall-Palmer

A man who owns and operates several carparks in Newark is UKIP's candidate to contest the Nottingham East seat, where the incumbent is the Labour EU remainer Chris Leslie.

Robert Hall-Palmer from Fiskerton's company is Robin Hood Carparks.

He has never stood for anything apart from local parish elections, but feels that Nottingham East can be better represented and that he is able to hold the Nottingham City Council to account.

Mr Hall-Palmer stood for UKIP in the Newark hustings to elect the candidate but lost out to Xandra Arundel.

He said he was more libertarian than he was in favour of a hard Brexit.

"I am Euro-sceptic and very fearful of the EU," he said.

"I see the EU as a friend who is not always truthful. You can get on with that friend but sometimes you have to say 'come on it's time to speak the truth.'"

"UKIP will be around until the job is done."

He said he did not expect UKIP to win Nottingham East, but that it was Labour's to lose.

He said he had been around Nottingham all of his life and had been educated in the city and wanted to appeal to UKIP supporters and those disillusioned with the other big three parties.

Asked if UKIP was still relevant, he said: "UKIP will be around until the job is done.
"You could ask if the Lib Dems are relevant because it's so long since they were solely in government, you could say the same about Labour because they are unelectable at the moment.

"UKIP perhaps won't be the big upswell of political force it was but there is still a large force to rejoin the EU and while that still exists, UKIP still has a job to do - just in more of a targeted way against remainers and the seats that they hold."