Xandra Arundel
Xandra Arundel

UKIP's candidate for Newark says the priority must be to ensure the country's democratic freedom before negotiating a trade deal.

Xandra Arundel, a cognitive behavioural psychotherapist with Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust working in Newark and wider Nottinghamshire, lives in Long Bennington.

Xandra Arundel said she had been with UKIP for around three years and was a novice to politics, having never stood anywhere in the past at any level.

"I am most concerned about the Brexit process," she said.

"The EU keeps hardening its stance. We have 27 countries in the EU in a sense against us and it is difficult for us to deal with them all.

"Our priority need is to sort out our democratic freedom first, and to negotiate our trade deal second.

"It might be better for us to to negotiate a deal with the World Trade Organisation rather than the EU because we may end up with the World Trade Organisation anyway.

"We never say die in UKIP."

She said UKIP put country before party.

"We are trying to give people a choice," she said.

"Robert Jenrick was a remainer but is now toeing the party line.

"It is important to have a conviction Brexiteer as a member of Parliament, which is why we are standing in Newark."

Asked if the seat was winnable, she said: "We never say die in UKIP.
"We must look towards the restoration of our democracy.

"We owe it to our forefathers who fought for this country in two world wars to give our children and our children's children the same freedom they fought for."

Xandra Arundel, who has worked in the NHS since 2004, said she loved Newark as a place to live and was proud to live locally.

She said she thought the town was a fantastic place work, to shop and as a venue to meet friends.

She said her campaign would involve speaking to the press, tasking part in hustings and having stalls on market days.