The Labour Party in Newark has been criticised for a social media post suggesting Theresa May’s leadership style was comparable to that of some of the world’s worst dictators.

The party published a montage of pictures on its official Facebook page featuring Theresa May and the caption: “Strong and stable leadership. Yes please, it sounds wonderful.”

Also featured were pictures of dictators, including Hitler, Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe, and North Korea’s Kim Jong-il, and the caption: “You don’t need to listen to the people or explain what you do.”

Conservative candidate Mr Robert Jenrick said: “I have seen it.

“The old moderate Labour Party that brought well-balanced politicians like Ted Bishop (MP for Newark from 1964 to 1979) is dead and now populated by the hard left.

“This is the unsavoury side of social media politics.”

The picture has been removed. Newark Labour did not respond to the Advertiser’s request for a comment.