Sian Welby
Sian Welby

A broadcaster who found fame online with her pun-filled weather forecasts could be named Britain’s best ever weather presenter in an online poll.

Sian Welby a former pupil of The Minster School, Southwell, was included in a poll by the Radio Times to find the UK’s ultimate weather presenter.

A Channel 5 weather forecast by the former Upton resident went viral in December, 2015, after she managed to squeeze in ten Star Wars puns.

Sian, 30, who presents the televised Health Lottery draws, said it was nice to be in the running for the award.

“The reaction from people overseas has been the biggest shock,” she said.

“People now know me for my weather pun-casts in places like America and Australia and for me, as some kid from the Midlands who grew up in a tiny village, it always blows my mind.

“It is a surreal feeling knowing something I have created has made people around the world smile.”

Sian, who spent six years presenting the weather, now works as a television presenter for various channels and has a regular show on Heart Radio.

She said she was modest about her chances of success having been included in a list with the likes of Michael Fish and John Kettley.

“There are some big household names in there who deserve the title way more than I do,” she said.

“I think Tomasz Schafernaker will win. He’s brilliant.

“Being in this poll, amongst some of the most respected meteorologists in Britain, is possibly the most ridiculous thing ever, but it’s taught me that whatever you choose to do in life, you always have to own it.

“When I first started out presenting back in 2006, I think it was, I auditioned in Lincoln to be a weather girl for East Midlands Today, but I went off brief and ended up doing a comedy forecast using the lyrics from It’s Raining Men. Safe to say, I didn’t get a call back.

“Thankfully, Channel 5 News always supported my silly sense of humour and I am grateful for that.

“It is great that people are still enjoying the forecasts and still sharing them.

“I hosted the weather on Channel 5 for six years and I am proud to know I made my mark and did something different.

“No matter what kind of show I am working on, or what kind of day I might be having, my goal is always the same ­— find the funny in everything.”

Voting in the online poll has closed. The Radio Times is yet to announce the winner.