Mr Martin Lee in front of the bollard that he said was blocking access to his drive.
Mr Martin Lee in front of the bollard that he said was blocking access to his drive.

A man has accused a council of wasting taxpayers’ money after he said it blocked his driveway.

Mr Martin Lee, of Wolfit Avenue, Balderton, spent £5,000 improving access to the driveway only for Via, which manages highways on behalf of Nottinghamshire County Council, to install a bollard on the path in front of it.

Mr Lee said it meant when there were two cars on the drive, one was blocked in.

“Anyone could see it was in the wrong place,” he said.

“When there were two cars on the drive, it was impossible to get the car nearest the bollard off — and it was more difficult to back out off the drive.”

The bollard was removed yesterday after Mr Lee protested. It had been in place just over a week.

Mr Lee said the council admitted it had been installed incorrectly because there was not enough room for disabled people to pass on either side if they remained on the pavement.

It appeared to have been put in place to stop vehicles driving illegally along a neighbouring path, although they could still do so by using a grass verge.

Mr Lee said the work left concrete staining on the pathway, which he paid to be resurfaced along with the installation of a dropped-kerb.

He said it could not be cleaned and would have to be replaced.

“There is concrete staining and footprints on the path. I told the council it was in a state — where they put the bollard was illegal and there was not a cleaning machine in the country that will get the staining out.

“I want it all taking up and I want it re-laying. It is a waste of taxpayers’ money.”

Mr Lee said when workers turned up to install the bollard, his 90-year-old neighbour unsuccessfully tried to stop them.

Jo Horton, district manager at Via, said: “When facilitating access to property we strive to minimise any potential conflict between pedestrians and vehicles — the bollard was erected to prevent this.

“We regret any distress this may have caused to Mr Lee and will work with him to achieve a resolution.

“We are also currently investigating formal complaints from Mr Lee in connection with this matter.

“We would not in any situation knowingly waste taxpayers’ money.”