Benji Adeyemo
Benji Adeyemo

A singer who grew up in Newark before moving to Greece has released a song produced by a well-known house music DJ and producer.

Benji Adeyemo — as his alter ego Miss Diamond — and best friend, Wiveca Hartmann, formed a group called The Starletts.

Having sent their self-written debut track, On His Mind, to producer Lenny Fontana, the house DJ has released it on his Karmic Power Records label.

The Starletts
The Starletts

Benji, who attended both Lovers’ Lane Primary School and the Magnus during his time in Newark, moved first to London and then, in 2001, to Greece.

He made it through to the semi-final of a Greece’s Got Talent competition before both he and Wiveca were employed by the same Athens club. From there, they formed The Starletts.

“We had been saying for years that we should do something together, but we were always working on various projects independently,” Benji said.

“Finally, two years ago, we were hired to perform at the same club, and The Starletts were born.

“We are both into house music, disco and soulful vibes, so it wasn’t long before we were in the studio working on our debut track.”

'I was obsessed with music'

Benji said he still kept in touch with friends from Newark, and remembered growing up in the town.

“I was always up to something,” he said.

“I was obsessed with music, dance and drama, and studied ballet and tap with Nikki McKay.

“I was in the choir at Newark Parish Church, studied ballroom dance with Jean Ilott, and took part in numerous shows and pantomimes at Newark Palace Theatre, so a career in the arts was always top of the list.

“The last time I came to Newark was almost two years ago for the funeral of my mother, Val Smith. She was always my number one supporter, always encouraging me to be the best I can at whatever I do.”

The song can be found by searching for it on YouTube.