Voting for the General Election 2017 takes place on Thursday
Voting for the General Election 2017 takes place on Thursday

As readers prepare to cast their votes in Thursday's General Election, the Advertiser offers the candidates for the Newark seat a few final few words as they aim to win over public opinion.

Candidates for the Newark constituency

Robert Jenrick
Robert Jenrick

Robert Jenrick (Conservative)

“Before voting, please ask yourself the following questions: Firstly, who do you trust more to keep your family safe and our nation secure in these times of increased threat from Islamic extremism, Theresa May or Jeremy Corbyn?

“Secondly, who do you trust to keep our economy growing so we can fund public services, unemployment at the record low levels we have in Newark, sensible taxes and not saddle our children with unprecedented debt, the Conservatives under Theresa May or Labour under Jeremy Corbyn?

“Thirdly, who do you want to negotiate our exit from the EU and trust to deliver the will of the people expressed in the referendum, Theresa May or Jeremy Corbyn?

“Lastly, I hope you will also consider who you want to champion Newark in Westminster and be there to stand up for you or the causes you care about when you need it.

“I am proud of what I have achieved and with your support will keep on working hard for Newark, winning the long-term investments we need in education, health and transport and helping our area to realise its ambitions. Please vote for me and the Conservatives.”

Chantal Lee
Chantal Lee

Chantal Lee (Labour)

“It would be my honour to represent the constituency of Newark.

“As your MP I would represent you with integrity and passion.

“For too long large parts of the constituency have been forgotten about and ignored. Don’t allow your vote to be taken for granted.

“I would be a hands-on, committed part of your community, to ensure I always get the best deal for us.

“I am proud to stand on the Labour manifesto, which guarantees that we will not face another winter with the NHS in crisis; one million-plus elderly people suffering from a lack of social care; school budgets cut; hard-working people underpaid; insecure homes and rocketing rents.

“I don’t think it is too much to expect a decent standard of living and facilities for all of us.

“On Friday wake up to an MP who works for you — the community champion we need. Vote for me.”

David Watts
David Watts

David Watts (Liberal Democrat)

“This election represents the best opportunity we have to change Britain’s future.

“We can either allow politicians to decide the terms of Brexit or we can let the population decide.

“Only the Liberal Democrats will give the residents of Newark a say on the final deal.

“We are also the only party honest enough to say that we will raise taxes to properly fund the NHS.

“We can’t have ever lower taxes and ever better services, and when we have to choose between the two, I will opt for funding the NHS every time.

“If elected I will press for better funding for our schools.

“We have a crisis in education but the way to deal with it is not through grammar schools and free schools, but by making sure every child has access to a good school.

“This will be my number one priority if I am our MP.”

Xandra Arundel
Xandra Arundel

Xandra Arundel (UKIP)

Ukip’s Xandra Arundel said: “I’m asking for your votes because I want to fight for a real Brexit.”
   She said that meant:

  •  Full restoration of Parliamentary sovereignty.
  •  Full control of our borders.
  •  Full restoration of our fishing waters.
  •  UK to leave EU now: Negotiate EU deal through World Trade Organisation.
  •   NO “divorce bill” payment.
  •  Ukip will provide up to 100,000 new affordable houses for younger people every year. 
  •  Priority given to veterans’ rights.
  •  Triple lock on pensions.
  •  Protect our disabled and improve carers’ incomes.
  •  Fund 20,000 more police, 10,000 more doctors and 24,000 more nurses.
  •  No tuition fees for science and technology.
  •  No income tax under £13,500, cut VAT on household bills.
  •  Reduce business rates for smaller businesses.
  •  Cut corporation tax.
  •  2% of GDP minimum spend on defence. 
  •  Secure single farm payment.
  •  English Parliament.

    Locally, I will work to:
  •  Improve business, employment and tourism.
  •  Secure the future of Newark Hospital; ensure better road and rail systems.
  •  Fight for all my constituents equally.