Cuts to bus services in the Bingham area have been described by the town’s mayor as a bitter blow to those who rely on them.

Mr Alan Harvey criticised a proposal by Trent Barton to axe the Rushcliffe Villager V2 service, which serves villages including Aslockton, Whatton, Orston and Cropwell Bishop, from July 23.

Trent Barton said the service had not performed well for some years, despite investment in new vehicles and an extensive marketing campaign.

The service, which links villages to Bingham and Nottingham, receives a subsidy from Nottinghamshire County Council.

The council said it rec-ognised a local bus service was important to residents and it was working on an alternative.

In a letter to the council’s communities and place committee chairman, Mr John Cottee, Mr Harvey said Trent Barton had failed to consult with local parishes.

He said: “The cessation of the V2 service will be a bitter blow to those who rely on it to travel from the villages, parts of Bingham or the town centre and it will also have an a detrimental economic impact on the town and on the local villages who rely on this service.”

'Working hard to come up with an alternative'

Mr Harvey said reducing or ceasing transportation services with no appropriate consultation demonstrated poor business imperative, communication, and a lack of concern for the local community.

Mr Cottee said: “To make sure residents continue to have a suitable bus service ­— without any break in service — we are working hard to come up with an alternative that best meets demands, taking into account of the usual criteria of current usage, travel patterns, other available services and ensure value for money.

“These new plans will need to be agreed and registered with the traffic commissioner before a revised service can be put into operation.”

Mr Tom Morgan, director of service delivery at Trent Barton, said: “We have worked closely with the county council and unfortunately we have not been able to sustain the commerciality of this route.”

Mr Morgan said it was investing £15m in nine new buses to meet growing demand for its Mainline route that connects Bingham to Nottingham.

“Over the past few years we have been making improvements to provide a fast, frequent and comfy alternative to driving between Nottingham, Radcliffe and Bingham, and these changes have had a positive effect, attracting lots of new customers,” he said.

Peak-time journeys to Bottes-ford will also be removed from July 23 due to low demand.