Donations to help those affected by the Grenfell Tower fire in London are being accepted by a repair centre in Newark.

So far, seventeen people are known to have died following the blaze at the tower block in Kensington, which began shortly before 1am on Wednesday.

The tragedy prompted an overwhelming response from the public, with so many donations made that Kensington and Chelsea Borough Council has asked for a temporary halt as it had been "inundated with useful items."

There has also been a response in the Advertiser region. AW Repair Group, which has a branch on Telford Drive, is accepting donations of curtains, duvet covers, sheets, cutlery and clothes.

Joint-owner Emma Walsh said the firm was focusing on donations that would help people at a later stage, when they were moving back into accommodation.

She said: "You see how much is being done in London and think 'what can we do?'

"We thought about doing things for the future, for when people are moving back in.

"I have 10-year-old twin boys and last night they were crying while watching the TV.

"We always say to them that being in their own bed is the safest place in the world. To think of children asleep in that tower block, thinking that is their safest place, and then to think what happened is horrible.

"We are accepting donations for the next month. People can just drop in to the centre and leave things there."

Donations can be left at the Telford Drive branch between 8.30am and 5.30pm during the week, and between 8.30am and noon on Saturday.

People are encouraged to attach information to each item giving further details - for example, the sizes of clothes and curtains.