Lowe's Wong school anniversary. 300617DD4-3
Staff and pupils dressed to impress for the school’s anniversary are, left to right, Freya Stone, 10, Ben Marshall, 10, teaching assistant Mrs Jilly Ashworth, head Mr Mike Follen, Lily Travis, 10, Alice Selby, 10, and McKenzie Jillings, 8. 300617DD4-3

Staff and pupils of Lowe’s Wong Junior School, Southwell, joined together to celebrate its 50th anniversary.

Past and present combined as pupils had afternoon tea alongside ex-pupils and former staff members.

More than 200 people attended the event, which saw pupils and staff dress in the styles and trends of the last five decades.

Parent governor Mrs Sarah Angell, who organised the event, also created a Facebook group in preparation of the anniversary.

The group was open to anyone with a connection to the school and members were encouraged to post old photographs depicting their time at Lowe’s Wong.

These were later compiled into memory folders and passed around those who attended, giving them a chance to get a sense of how the school had changed over the years.