A woman who repeatedly breached a criminal behaviour order by shouting offensive language within earshot of her neighbours has been spared jail.

Angela Winter, formerly of Masefield Crescent, Balderton, was warned by Nottingham magistrates that it was her last chance.

Winter, 40, was given a criminal behaviour order in April for repeated incidents of verbal abuse and threats, which she has since breached five times.

She also breached a conditional discharge imposed following an assault on Warwick Road, Balderton, when she grabbed a woman by the neck and tried to pull her through a car window.

The court heard previously that the local community had suffered Winter’s bad behaviour from February 2015, including many incidents of screaming, shouting, swearing, verbal abuse and threats.

Winter, who also uses the surname Tollerton, spent three weeks in custody following the latest breach of the order on June 13.

Miss Louisa Treharne, representing Winter, said: “This period of three weeks’ custody has been quite a sobering lesson.”

Miss Treharne said it would be to everyone’s benefit for Winter to not go back to Masefield Crescent. She said a relative had offered her accommodation and council accommodation may be available.

District Judge Tim Devas said: “The best thing Miss Winter can do is steer clear of Masefield Crescent forever.

“The problem appears to have arisen because of other people at Masefield Crescent.”

He said it was important residents of Newark and the surrounding area were protected from behaviour that could cause them alarm or distress.

'This really is your last chance'

Winter initially denied all but her latest offence, a breach of her criminal behaviour order on June 13, but changed her plea.

Passing sentence, Mr Devas said: “I have already explained to you how serious this behaviour is. Based on the fact it is your first experience of being in a custody suite I am proposing suspending the inevitable prison sentence.

“I have to tell you Miss Winter, if there are any further breaches of the criminal behaviour order, it will almost certainly come in front of me and it wouldn’t be a matter of whether or not to send you to prison, it will be a matter of whether or not to send you to the crown court, where the punishment is much greater.”

Mr Devas warned Winter that breaching a criminal behaviour order carried a maximum penalty of five years in prison.

When Winter said she understood, Mr Devas said: “I hope you do, because this really is your last chance.”

Winter was given a suspended three-week jail term for each of the first four breaches of her criminal order, to run consecutively.

She was given a further suspended six-week jail term for the latest breach of her criminal behaviour order, which would also run consecutively.

Mr Devas said she received a longer sentence for the latest breach because he had already warned her not to offend again.

Winter also received a suspended three-week jail term for breaching her conditional discharge, which would run concurrently.

All the sentences were suspended for 12 months.

If Winter breaks the law again in the next year she would be back in court and could be jailed for 18 weeks.

Winter was also given a 12-month community order and ordered to pay £200 costs.

Her criminal behaviour order, which prevents her from using loud and abusive language that can be heard by members of the public, was re-imposed until midnight on April 4 next year.

It was amended so that Winter cannot go to Masefield Crescent, Balderton, or use loud and abusive language that can be heard by others within any property she is living in.

She must not take part in any domestic disputes outside of any property she is living in that could cause alarm or distress, and is banned from contacting, directly or indirectly, people set out by the court.