Tour of Britain
Tour of Britain

The route and timings for the fourth stage of the Tour of Britain have now been confirmed.

Riders will set off from Mansfield at 11am on Wednesday, September 6 and are due to finish in Newark at 3.20pm.

Sprints will be held in Bilsthorpe, Ranskill and Collingham, while the climbers will compete for the King Of The Mountains jersey at Eaton Wood, near Retford.

Spectators can watch the action at various locations in Newark and Sherwood district, including Southwell, Farnsfield and Coddington.

Locations and estimated times of arrival:

  • Mansfield — Leeming Street, 11am;
  • Selston, 11.29am;
  • Underwood, 11.31am;
  • Brinsley, 11.35am;
  • Eastwood, 11.38am;
  • Moorgreen, 11.43am;
  • Greasley, 11.44am;
  • Watnall, 11.46am;
  • Newstead, noon;
  • Newstead Village noon;
  • Blidworth 12.13pm;
  • Sherwood Forest 12.17pm;
  • Farnsfield, 12.23pm,
  • Edingley 12.25pm;
  • Halam, 12.28pm;
  • Southwell 12.31pm;
  • Normanton 12.37pm;
  • Kirklington 12.46pm;
  • Bilsthorpe, 12.48pm;
  • Edwinstowe 12.59pm;
  • Budby, 1.06pm;
  • Bassetlaw, 1.09pm;
  • Carburton, 1.11pm;
  • Worksop, 1.20pm;
  • Carlton in Lindrick, 1.34pm;
  • Costhorpe 1.36pm;
  • Langold 1.38pm;
  • Oldcotes, 1.40pm;
  • Styrrup, 1.45pm;
  • Harworth and Bircotes, 1.47pm;
  • Scrooby, 1.53pm;
  • Ranskill, 1.57pm;
  • Torworth, 1.59pm;
  • Barnby Moor, 2.03pm;
  • Retford, 2.08pm;
  • Eaton, 2.15pm;
  • Upton, 2.22pm;
  • East Drayton, 2.26pm,
  • Dunham-on-Trent, 2.33pm;
  • Lincolnshire/West Lindsey, 2.36pm;
  • Clifton, 2.40pm;
  • Girton, 2.46pm;
  • Besthorpe, 2.50pm;
  • Collingham, 2.54pm;
  • Coddington, 3.11pm;
  • Newark, 3.14pm;
  • Finish in Newark, 3.20pm.