Citizens Advice Sherwood and Newark (CAB) is offering help for people unhappy with their energy supplier.

The  charity said it might be able to assist those dissatisfied with their supplier or people wanting to save money and get a better deal.

People worrying about their winter heating bill or whose provider has increased their direct debit payments could also be helped.

A CAB spokesman said: “We have seen some alarming cases of people being made worse off by switching suppliers based on information given by doorstep or telephone sales people.

“It is important to remember that if you are offered a smart meter by someone who is not your existing energy supplier, they will be switching your account over to them and that may not be the best decision for you.

“We can help you to assert your consumer rights.”

Citizens Advice Sherwood and Newark is offering energy appointments that offer assistance in switching to better deals to save money — in some cases hundreds of pounds a year — or help in setting up affordable arrangements for paying arrears, or having them written off if they have been unfairly applied.

The charity can also help sort out problems with energy suppliers and, where they remain unresolved, take cases to the ombudsman.

It can also help customers gain a better understanding of smart meters.

A CAB spokesman said it was independent, impartial, confidential and free.

To arrange an energy appointment, call 01623 861769.

Appointments are held at the CAB offices in Ollerton or Castle House, Newark.

Special energy drop-in sessions will be held during the CAB’s Big Energy Saving Week, from January 22 to 26.