Aid2Gambia is appealing to schools for old equipment.
Aid2Gambia is appealing to schools for old equipment.

A charity that sends second-hand medical and educational equipment to The Gambia is asking schools to make contact .

Aid2Gambia, a countywide charity established in February 2014, collects medical and educational equipment that is no longer needed in the UK and ships it to The Gambia.

The equipment comes mainly from schools but the charity said its toughest challenge was getting in touch with them in the first place.

The charity’s main organiser, Mr Mark Hammans, said: "We ask everyone who may have any contact with any school, whether it is private, an academy or state funded, to pass our contact details to them and ask them to make contact with us as soon as they are considering disposing and replacing school equipment.

"We don’t mind where it is."

Once the charity receives old items, it ships and installs the equipment in schools in The Gambia.

It said their help had led to significant improvements.

Aid2Gambia is run by three retired police officers and a builder, who makes running repairs to buildings when they visit The Gambia.

It is urging organisations as well as schools to donate items rather than send them to be scrapped.

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