We write to express our agreement with Hilary Pye’s disgust at the NatWest bank’s branch closure decision (Closure Shock, News Views, April 6).

We, too, are appalled at the decision to close branches — in our case the one at Southwell.

There are 7,000 people living in  Southwell  and we  feel closure is inconsiderate and unfair and will be a big loss to the community, leaving us without proper banking facilities.

Many, including younger people, are not prepared to go on line.

Closure will also affect local businesses and charities that will have to use the next nearest NatWest, which is eight miles away.

There are more houses being built in the town and the people who live in them will need banking facilities.

NatWest seems unaware of, or not concerned about, a House of Lords report on the effect of closures on older generations and it should rescind its branch closure decisions.

That way they would have more customers and gain the  respect and support of the community. — ALAN and KATH DEARDEN, Southwell (Full address supplied).