Newark is fast becoming the new wild west of the East Midlands — a seemingly lawless place where people can flout regulations and get away with it because there is no longer sufficient law enforcement in the town.

The town has a supposed pedestrianised area leading from the junction of Portland Street, Lombard Street and London Road, down Cartergate to Appletongate.
But it is not a pedestrianised area because it is used as a cut-through by hoards of vehicles avoiding the congestion on Castlegate.
No one is there to do anything about it because we don’t have sufficient law enforcement any more.
The Severn Trent sewer replacement works that have led to the closure of Boundary Road have had a major knock-on effect on Spring Gardens, Princess Street and Crown Street.
There has been a massive increase in two-way traffic cutting through.
The authorities first tried signage indicating access to frontages only (that meant residents only) which clearly was not understood.
They next tried having a one-way system, so no entry signs were erected on the Victoria Street entrances.
They are enforceable we are told, but there is no one to enforce them.
Our police force is so diminished that they have to focus on serious crime only.
I visited Newark Police station recently and was told by the receptionist that there were no police officers available to speak to.
That is what have we have come to thanks to Mrs May and her government’s cutbacks. The thin blue line is very thin indeed. — NICK ALEXANDER, Spring Gardens, Newark.