I would like to address the person who vandalised the owl on the bench on the riverside walk by Newark’s Sconce and Devon Park.

I hope they are proud of themselves and their criminal act of vandalism.

They have destroyed something very special which belonged to the people of Newark and those who come to visit our beautiful town.

It was so simple but made all of us smile so much — thank you for taking that away from us.

I can’t imagine what they can have hoped to gain from such an act.

Hopefully one of their friends or neighbours (if they have any) will kindly inform the police who they are so they could ask them to reimburse the council for the cost of repairing something they have destroyed in an act of selfish indulgence.

Newark and Sherwood District Council would then be able to put the money they have had to spend to better use, perhaps towards the cost of providing care for one of the vandals’ elderly relatives.

Meanwhile, I hope the young men and women who enjoyed a picnic by the river on Tuesday, April 11 had a lovely day.

But I would like them to please explain why they were unable to deposit their rubbish in one of the many bins dotted around Sconce and Devon Park.

I wonder if, on another sunny day, they intend to return to the same spot and sit in their own detritus or will they choose another part of our beautiful riverbank to defile?

Perhaps someone who knows them will kindly tell the council.

I am sure that neither they nor their parents are able to afford a fine of any sort, but perhaps they could spare a few days picking up rubbish along the riverbank and park as recompense for their thoughtless and selfish littering of our beautiful town. ­— ELIZABETH PYWOWARCZUK, Newark (Full address supplied).