I totally agree with the comments made by N. Ward (Traffic Issues, News Views, April 27).

The parishes of Fernwood, Balderton and Claypole are fully aware of the impact that new builds will have on their villages.

There have been numerous meetings with Newark and Sherwood District Council planning department but our concerns do not seem to register with them.

Newark is an ancient town that does not have the road infrastructure to take on a vast increase in traffic as there is gridlock even now, before the majority of these new builds have happened.

If there is a major incident on any of our arterial roads then Newark is a no-go area.

There are plans for thousands of new dwellings in the Newark area and our roads will potentially have to cope with thousands more vehicles.

It is up to our MP and residents to show their disapproval in the strongest possible terms. — JAMES WEALE, Oakfield Road, Fernwood.