As a retired secondary school deputy headteacher I have watched the changes in the education system with sadness over the last few years.

Since the 1948 Education Act teachers have increasingly taken over roles that should be the responsibility of parents and carers.

There are many examples to choose from.

Just two are sex education and relationship problems.

Personal, social and health education is an integral part of the education for all pupils and is observed and reported on in Ofsted inspections.

From my own experiences with teachers and parents over the years it is the part of the syllabus that poses most problems.

I do not underestimate its importance but do feel that teachers are teaching some topics that should be left to parents.

Now teachers are being petitioned to look for mental health problems. What next?

Schools are having difficulty recruiting teachers and this recent initiative will not do anything to help this.

Social workers and nurses — when do they have time to be educators? ­— S. GOODMAN, Newark (Full address supplied).