I am so angry about the threat posed to the Newark School of Violin-Making and four of its students by the actions of Ofsted (Students Face Deport-ation, Advertiser, June 22).

What on earth do the members of Ofsted know about the making of violins and the teaching of its skills? Very little, I suspect.

The school is internationally-renowned, and its graduates are recognised throughout the world.

Newark should be very proud of this priceless asset and it should be better supported.It would be great if the school could be independent and sponsored and supported by businesses, the public and the county and district councils.

I do hope that our recently re-elected MP, Robert Jenrick, will use his undoubted skills to argue the case with the Home Office for the unfortunate students to retain their international student visas, which would enable them to complete their course and embark on their chosen careers.

Such a success would surely enhance the international reputation of Newark and its community.

Humanity demands that these students should not be deported just to satisfy harshly applied government regulations. ­— MARY MOLLOSON, Coddington (Full address supplied).