I AGREE with the sentiments expressed by Carole Lowe (Tap Into Potential, News Views, June 22) but, I’m afraid, only up to a point.

There is undoubtedly plenty of potential among the occupants of UK classrooms — I would go so far as to say a good majority of school pupils will go on to make positive contributions to society.

There are those, however, who subscribe to the something-for-nothing philosophy whereby they would rather rely on benefits hand-outs than, for example, pick fruit in a field or stack goods on supermarket shelves.

Many employers may not be able to withstand reduced profit margins because a cut could see them go out of business.

Carole Lowe is right — there is lots of potential in our classrooms, but if that potential is not realised it is not always someone else’s fault.

At some point people have to help themselves to get on in life. — J. ROGERS, Newark (Full address supplied).