What a disgraceful blunder it was by the government. As reported in the Advertiser, four students from overseas at our world-famous Newark Violin-Making School face being deported by the Home Office. (Students Face Deportation, June 22).

It said international student visas were being cancelled because Ofsted changed its rating of Lincoln College Group (the parent institution) from outstanding to requiring improvement and, as such, it is no longer allowed to sponsor international student visas.

There is no indication in the 12-page Ofsted report that any of the ten inspectors visited the Newark School of Violin-Making but it is significant that, of the eight areas of inspection judgement in the report, Adult Learning Programmes is rated good, while the other seven areas require improvement.

Thus, even if not visited, violin-making gets the accolade of good.

It might have been hoped that the Home Office, in terms of natural justice, would allow existing students to complete their courses.

Since the School of Violin-Making comes under the Ofsted judgement of good, it is imperative that the Home Office rescind the deportation orders and extend these four students’ visas.

An apology would also be appropriate. ­— (Emeritus Professor) MICHAEL BASSEY, Nottingham Trent University, Ordoyno Grove, Coddington.