There are some lovely riverside walks in and around Newark.

Two in particular are at Farndon and from Newark Town Bridge past the footbridge and over the next one to return on the opposite bank.

Both these walks and areas should be beautiful for all to enjoy, whether old, young, or in between, with or without dogs or children.

The problem is that these places are spoilt by the neglect of the relevant authorities to manage the litter and rubbish.

At Farndon, the public in general have tried to do their bit by using the litter bins but the bins are frequently overflowing and litter surrounds them unless it is blown about.

When walking from Newark Town Bridge past Waitrose and along the river there are no bins.

Some people have collected rubbish into bin-bags in, I suppose, the forlorn hope that it will be removed soon by the council.

Some take their litter home.

On the opposite side there are bins, but once again they are frequently overflowing.

Other people just drop or throw their rubbish on the ground.

My point is that councils are elected and have a large amount of money to spend doing what we want them to do.

Well, we want them to look after our town, keeping it a clean and pleasant place.If money is a problem, which I doubt, then they should cut out some of the expensive, fancy schemes they dream up for their own aggrandisement.

I am sure that there are many other places with similar, easily-solved problems.

One shining example of how things can be is Newark’s Sconce and Devon Park.

Despite the mess that gets spread around most evenings, the park is pretty well litter, rubbish and dog mess free.

This is down I am sure, to the park wardens, volunteers and caring park users. Everywhere should be the same. ­— COLIN GREEN, Low Street, Elston.