Councils at all levels are not backwards at coming forwards, particularly when they perceive that they need more money.

So, what are we getting in the Newark area for handing over a large amount of our income in council tax?

I would say very little at the moment.

Almost every time one sees council workers, though they seem thin on the ground at times, there seems to be a few watching one who is hopefully doing something, or they are sitting in the cab of a van drinking, eating or sleeping.

Grass is not getting cut, other than in the town centre and, as a result, it is getting difficult to see oncoming traffic when trying to get out of road junctions.

Road-sweeping seems confined to the town centre and around the castle.

The roads are a mess and are too far gone for more botched hole-filling.

Roadworks on Boundary Road are absolutely necessary, but matters are made worse by the fact that some official decided to make three adjoining streets one-way — all in the same direction.

The result is that traffic coming into town from the Farndon side has to either cut through the B&M carpark or go almost to the Beaumond Cross junction and then do a u-turn.In past years both my wife and I have reported these matters, but not any more.

One gets the impression that no one in authority really cares about the general public.

Many, I am sure, will remember Newark before the A1 was altered to by-pass the town.

The amount of traffic on our streets was ridiculous. Well, it is almost as bad now.

With more trains from Lincoln to Nottingham, through Newark, the Castle station crossing seems to be closed almost as much as it is open.

The cheaper option for rail travel, and for the sanity of pedestrians and motorists alike, would have been to increase the length of the two-car train units to three.

As for needing more funds, councils already have plenty of labour and plenty of equipment, they just need to give us value for the vast amount of money extracted from us.

Better still, do the things that the public really wants doing, not what they want to do. ­— BRIAN CLARK, Hayside Avenue, Balderton.