For a significant number of people the extra Sunday trains through Newark will be a complete waste of time.

Why? Because there is no bus service on Sunday that will get us to the station, and it is too far to walk.

All this is doing is rubbing salt in the wound.

I live in Balderton and have a disability, which limits my walking.

For some ludicrous reason, even the one bus an hour Sunday service that used to run here was removed two or three years ago, at a time when the population was noticeably increasing.

There are more than 15,000 people living in Balderton, and there are plans for thousands of new homes to the west of the village.

What also annoys me is that even the buses during the week are not timetabled to coincide with trains at Newark Northgate.

I have given up counting the number of times I have arrived at the station, only to watch the bus pull out of the courtyard before I can get to it.

Taxis, I noticed, seem to work to the train times .

While it is wonderful to be able to announce improvements and benefits of living in Newark, in this case it means absolutely nothing if transport facilities are not coordinated.

We will soon tire of the Emperor’s New Clothes stories. — BARRY DUNNAGE, Main Street, Balderton.