It was nice to read that Lynn Chapman is now able to get her weekly injections done at Newark Hospital (Patient’s Relief After Treatment Switch, Advertiser, July 13).

It takes an awful long time, not to mention the cost, of travelling to and from various hospitals in Nottingham or Sutton-in-Ashfield, for a simple injection or, in my case, a blood test.

I had a kidney transplant four years ago, and still have to go  every three months for a simple check-up and blood test.

It takes all day for a five- minute appointment.I get a train to Nottingham, then two buses to City Hospital  and return the same route.

Sometimes my husband will take me in the car,  but we always have difficulty parking.

So, with Lynn now receiving her treatment at Newark, it gives me hope that one day soon lots of us in the same situation will be able to receive our treatment  here. ­— JACKIE SHARPE, Gainsborough Drive, Newark.