What a nice surprise it is to find someone from your home town when on holiday.

On a cruise from Dubrovnik we were entertained by ten young actors/singers, then at the end of the show we were introduced to all the cast, one of whom was from Newark and who lived just around the corner from us.

We met up a couple of days later and were introduced to this guy, Luke Smith, who told us it was a very hard life, doing two shows a day, having one day a week off, and the tour is for eight months.

Luke should be home in September for two weeks then returns to the cruise liner until October when the ship will be decommissioned and the staff will be looking for new jobs, unless they are lucky enough to join a new ship.

Luke sends all his best wishes to friends and family and, to Mrs Smith, you have a son to be proud of. ­— J. and M. FRANKS, Tithe Barn Court, Newark.