In response to your correspondent Colin Measures (Appointment Policy Concerns, News Views, July 27) we would like to offer our apologies for allocating him an appointment at King’s Mill Hospital, Sutton-in-Ashfield, rather than Newark Hospital.

We would also like to reassure Mr Measures that appointment allocation is a problem that we recognise and we are working to resolve this within Sherwood Forest Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

We want Newark residents to access services at Newark Hospital wherever possible, avoiding the inconvenience of travelling to King’s Mill or Nottingham, and continue to increase services offered at Newark.

In order to provide patients with the earliest access to diagnostic tests we offer the first available appointment, which could be at any of our hospital sites within the trust.

We acknowledge, however, that travelling to King’s Mill when an appointment is available at Newark, even if it is at a later date, is not always the best option for Newark residents.

We are improving the booking process for diagnostic tests to ensure that while we continue to offer great access, we offer all patients the choice of Newark Hospital where services are provided at both hospital sites.

We would also like to thank Mr Measures for raising this concern and enabling us to identify and resolve this problem.

We welcome feedback and anyone experiencing similar problems with accessing services at Newark Hospital can contact us via our patient experience team on 01636 685692 or email — ANTHONY ROSEVEAR, assistant chief operating officer, Newark Hospital.