My husband, grandchildren and myself went to see Dragon Days at Dean Hole CofE Primary School, Caunton.

Over the years we have been to many primary school end-of-term concerts and I have to say this will stand out as one of the best ever.

It is a small school and I am certain every pupil had a part — and every child knew their lines and songs without notes.

What was more amazing was that very young children, who must only have been four, stood and said their lines perfectly.

Many of the parents (mainly dads) were miming the words to the songs — I expect they had been hearing them in their sleep.

It was a special evening. The parents were thrilled, the teachers were proud of their pupils and, most of all, the children loved it.

The head, Mr John Dodd, was retiring at the end of the term and he must have been so proud of his pupils and his wonderful staff who had worked so hard to produce a musical of this standard. — MARILYN MEMBERY, Williams Lane, Fernwood.