It is good to see the new Newark Sports and Fitness Centre so well used, but its popularity is causing problems.

An extension to the carpark has been announced, and will be very welcome, particularly at peak times when it can be difficult to find a space (or at least a suitable space due to the number of larger 4x4-type vehicles many people now drive).

You would have thought bigger spaces would have been a must at the planning stage.

Another problem is the lack of changing facilities during children’s swimming lessons.

I have seen youngsters having to get changed near the hand-dryers. There simply aren’t enough cubicles and the communal changing rooms are not big enough to cope.

The problem is made worse by people who stand in the cubicles to save them specifically for their children when they finish their lesson (but what about those just arriving who need to get changed?).

More space should have been allocated for changing facilities at the design stage.

The centre is only going to get busier as more homes are built in the area. — N. WARD, Balderton (Full address supplied).